Fees are payable at each session. For telehealth by credit card or over the phone.

The fee for a standard 50-minute consultation is revised annually and is set at approximately two thirds of the recommended Australian Psychological Society rate. Please phone for details of our current fees.

Private Health Fund rebates may apply for psychological services. If you wish to claim a private health rebate, please check with your insurer to see if you are covered for psychology. All of our psychologists are registered for private health rebates, but you will need to pay and then get your refund from your private health fund. 

A Medicare rebate is available under certain circumstances. If your Medical Practitioner feels a Medicare referral is appropriate, they will complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan and write a referral. You must bring this with you and referrals cannot be backdated. All of our psychologists are registered with Medicare and rebates are processed at the time of payment. Doctors can fax the referals. See Profiles. 

Psychology services are also sometimes approved by bodies such as the Transport Accident Commission, WorkSafe and Victims of Crime. Each has their own approval regulations. If you are seeing a psychologist under one of these schemes, payment is handled directly by the approving body. To see if a psychologist is registered with a particular body, please call our psychologists as per their profile details.